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written by author Tim Northburg.


Sales Is Mashed Potatoes


If life is like a box of chocolates, then sales is like a pot of mashed potatoes. Enjoy this pocket guide filled with light anecdotes as it relates sales to mashed potatoes. Use this inspiring philosophy to help motivate yourself and keep focused on achieving success in selling. Whether you are selling cars, real estate, phones, pork and beans, or widgets this philosophy can work for you.

Automotive Sales

Automotive Sales Playbook

40 Basic Plays of Automotive Sales Professionals


Managers, hand this to your new salespeople on their first day. In this playbook, for beginning or relatively new Automotive Professionals, you will learn the basics of needs-based sales and lay the foundation for a great career selling vehicles. These basic plays are key elements to your success and longevity in the industry. If you are a veteran, you can use this book to “stay sharp” and refine your automotive sales skills.

Automotive Sales 101

Fundamentals and Techniques of Automotive Retail Sales


“Automotive Sales 101″ is a follow-up book that builds upon techniques previously introduced in “Automotive Sales Playbook.” This automotive sales book is a complete training guidebook that teaches intermediate fundamentals and techniques of Automotive Retail Sales. This book is aimed at those professionals who have some experience in the business or those veterans who want to learn additional needs based selling skills. So, increase your knowledge and increase your sales!

Automotive Super Seller

Mindset, Skills & Techniques of Elite Automotive Sales Consultants


This advanced sales guidebook builds off the skills introduced in "Automotive Sales Playbook" and "Automotive Sales 101" to bring you the advanced sales techniques of elite automotive sales consultants. Learn every advanced mindset, skills, techniques, word tracts, and closes you need to elevate your automotive career so you can become an Automotive Super Seller!

Automotive Sales Phone Mastery

Phone Skills and Techniques of Top Sales Professionals


What sets top sales people aside from the rest? They know how to work the phones. This complete playbook walks you through the various phone calls, word tracts, and objections an Automotive Salesperson takes, makes, and handles many times each day. Master the phone and sell more vehicles. 

Automotive Internet Sales Mastery

Skills and Techniques of Top Internet Sales Professionals


In dealerships today, Internet Departments are growing and many dealerships are going to an all Internet based sales force. What processes do you have in place to handle your Internet customers to appoint and close more leads? Automotive Internet Sales Mastery is your complete guide to handling, appointing, and selling more Internet customers. This step-by-step guidebook takes you through the first call, the first text, and the first e-mail. It outlines a rigorous 90 day follow-up, breaks down the Internet sales process, and more. Become an Internet Sales Master and sell more vehicles! 

Automotive Data Mining 101

Basic Principles Of Data Mining Your Customer Base


Automotive Data Mining 101 is a complete guidebook to help you instill processes throughout your dealership to mine your customer base; Equity Analysis, Warranty Expiration, Manifest Lists, Lease Term Expiration, Orphan Owners, Lost Service Customers, Declined RO’s. There are many reasons to mine your current customer base for new opportunities in both your sales and service drive. We outline systematic processes for contacting and following the customers you already have “won” to your dealership. You too can master your data.

Automotive Parts Sales 101

Basic Principles of Selling Parts and Accessories 


In dealerships today, we tend to focus primarily on the sales and service departments. What about the parts department? They are just as important to the well being of the dealership as the sales and service departments. Having properly trained and effective parts personnel is the first key to selling more parts and accessories. The second key is having process in place within the dealership that helps spread awareness that you sell additional parts and accessories. This book will distill some basic principles that will help you and your parts personnel thrive and sell more parts and accessories, both to internal and external customers.