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What Is LifeWork Elements?

LifeWork Elements provides sales training and motivational books or materials for businesses, groups and individuals. Topics range from personal growth to success development, goal setting, business development, and customer relations. LifeWork Elements will form and serve as an essential component in individual’s lives to help in increasing the success of their life goals. LifeWork Elements is dedicated to the establishment of elementary components that build a foundation or base structure that is the key to the development of healthy habits and that lead towards success.

LifeWork Elements is to become the premier provider of sales and motivational training materials in all sales positions. LifeWork Elements primarily specializes in the Automotive Retail genre however the company has developed specialized materials for professionals in other types of sales sectors. LifeWork Elements is dedicated to build long-term relationships to its clients while providing quality training and operating structures that lead toward success.

LifeWork Elements is positioned to take advantage of the significant market opportunities available in the Automotive Sales field. With thirteen years experience in sales, experienced management mixed with an emphasis on customer service and a professional marketing campaign, LifeWork Elements will become the premier provider of sales and inspirational material. Mr. Northburg believes that the information in his books will deliver the practical knowledge of automotive sales that normally takes years to learn from trial and error in daily workings with customers. For new sales associates it is information that is needed from the very beginning of being on the floor of a dealership. Mr. Northburg will be able to deliver a service that is superior to anything that is currently on the market.

LifeWork Elements Core Values


We will uphold and adhere to a constant and unswerving moral and ethical code that will instill a feeling of soundness and wholeness with those we come in contact with.


We will portray a vivid mental image of forward thinking, good judgment and logic while instilling keen insight and leadership while focusing on our actions and how they affect the future.


We will be dedicated to the advancement and betterment of our business while placing a strong emphasis on the growth, progress and development of our clients.


We will conduct business in a bold, trustful manner marked with a self-assured “can-do” philosophy while creating an environment of fulfillment and inspiring freedom from doubt.


We will conduct business in an accessible, unrestricted, straight forward manner characterized by an attitude of readiness and willingness while facilitating or enabling unobstructed learning, participation, and growth of our clients.


We will be mindful with complete full consciousness in all dealings with our clients to recognize and respond to their needs and wants in a timely and sufficient manner.

About the Author

Author Tim Northburg comes from an extensive background in the Automotive Retail business. He started his career selling at a Saturn retail facility learning highly valuable customer service and needs based selling skills and is currently a Manager at a highly successful GMC, Buick and Honda dealership. Since 2000, he has moved into upper management where he currently trains, motivates and leads his highly successful elite team of sales professionals. He has three years experience running the Business Development Center where he learned valuable customer follow-up, incoming phone call, prospecting, and owner retention techniques and skills. He is fully trained in Finance, Marketing and Public Relations, has international experience managing at a Rover, MG, MINI Cooper dealer in Chester, England, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and success to any business, organization, or individual. Currently he is the e-Commerce director of a highly successful Buick, GMC, Honda retailer in Colorado.

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