September 26, 2013

What Do You Focus On In Sales?

There are many times during the day, at work, or in our life that we tend to wander and lose sight of our goals, or what is in front of us. This can be especially true in sales, when we may get bogged down with the insignificant things, or sidetracked. Sometimes all it takes is a little focus to get back on track and do the things that are necessary for success.

What do we focus on in sales?

RIGHT NOW: The first thing you can do is focus on “right now.” What are the things you need to be doing right now? Drop the things that can wait and work on the important things. What are the important things—read on.

CUSTOMER: Pay attention to your customers. Notice that customer when they walk in. If a phone call comes in, devote your full attention to it. Phone customers are a hot opportunity. If you are walking past a customer acknowledge them. “Hi, welcome to (business.)” Nothing is more important than a customer.

SALES PROCESS: Many times when it is slow, or busy we tend to take short cuts. We lose sight on the sales process. Getting back to the basics allows you to regain focus of your sales process. Welcome-Interview-Presentation-Write-Up-Close-Follow-up. It is that simple.

WRITE-UP: When we lose focus in sales many times we become a tour guide and forget to go for the order. , in different ways. If you have meet all of your customer’s needs with your product or service then focus on asking for the sale multiple times.

CLOSING: Sometimes when faced with objections or a customer tells us “no” we have a tendency to stop and give up. Focus on closing. Turn that objection around into a closing question. When a customer says no, focus on asking, “why not?” Don’t give up.

FOLLOW-UP: To build customers for life, focus on follow-up. If all you do is focus on conquest sales then you won’t build up a good client base that repeats and refers. Focusing your energy and time nurturing the customers you already have will build a strong loyal customer base. So, focus your efforts on genuine follow-up and good customer service.

Focusing your efforts in these areas will help you to a great career in sales. So, get out there and focus your efforts starting right now!

-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

September 19, 2013

The Sales Manager Creed

Here is a creed I developed in 2001 when I became a full time Manager.  I adopted this philosophy and try to use it every day with my employees.

"Let me do my best today to help my employees be successful and earn a good living---in doing that, I will be successful too!"

(What is your creed?  Please comment below.)

-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

September 14, 2013

Coffee Quote #9 - Change

So I used to go to this coffee shop that put out these cool little stickers with quotes on them. (You put on top of the mouth hole of your to go cup lid so it doesn't spill in the car.) Well, the coffee shop has since gone out of business and now I don't get those cool little stickers with the inspirational anecdotes on them any more. However, I will still find some short quotes to continue my coffee sticker quote segment.

Here is one on change:
"By changing nothing, nothing changes."

--Tony Robbins

I think he hit it right on the head. That is the biggest problem these days is many people want change but they are not willing to do anything about it. Or, they think someone else is going to do it for them and give them change.


Why are we afraid to change things in our lives?

Is it that we get comfortable in our surrounding?

Is it that we are afraid of the unknown?

Is it that we think we are immobilized to change something in our lives?

It could be all of those things and more.

If you are unhappy about the way things are going in your life. Or, if you are unhappy with your job, career, relationship, money, finances, the economy, government, or other life situation you do have choices.

There are three things you can do in life about the situations you are in.

Suffer, Leave, or change.

SUFFER: You can stay in your situation. If you stay, and not change anything, then it is your choice to stay and suffer. If you choose to do this, then stop complaining about things. You made your choice, no one forced you to stay.

LEAVE: Leaving is a form of change. You can always leave. Move jobs. Leave your relationship. If you are unhappy with the government, you can go to a different state or country. If you don't like your friends you can find new ones. Remember, if the problem is with you, then your problems may follow you.

CHANGE: You can change your thoughts, actions, beliefs, or way you do things. If you are unhappy with government, get involved to make a difference. If you are unhappy with the economy, change your spending or think up new ways to make money. If you are unhappy with a relationship then find a way to change it up.

Change is all up to you.

Like Tony Robbins says above, nothing changes if you do nothing.




-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

September 13, 2013

Book Review: The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy (Celestine Prophecy, #1)The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although the storyline was a little unbelievable the message overall was good. We can all add certain principles to our lives to make it better. I enjoy how the author weaves his message in and out of the story vs. preaching at me.

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-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

September 7, 2013

Take A Risk

There are only two things that can happen when you take a risk:

1.  You can soar to great heights.
2.  You can go down in a ball of flames and crash.

More often than not, the second outcome is what prevents you from taking a risk. The fear of going down in flames and crashing keeps you from stepping out on a limb and taking that leap.

So, stop being afraid.  You are the only one holding yourself back and keeping you from your dreams, goals, and desires.

Decide right here and right now what it is you want in your life. Take a risk and go after it!

So what if you crash and burn? (metaphorically speaking of  course)  You can always pick up the pieces and try again.


-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

September 6, 2013

Book Review: Otterocity!

Otterocity!Otterocity! by Tim Northburg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 I wrote this book to help people, who are going through tough times in their lives, find joy and happiness again. If you are touched by the economic downturn, in financial distress, experienced the death of a loved one, or are having a tough time in general, this book was meant to inspire you to bring a joyful spirit back to your life. If Otters can be hunted by predators, constantly forage for food, deal with harsh conditions living in the sea, and possess a joyful spirit . . . so can we. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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