August 1, 2013

Coffee Sticker Qote #7 - Training

I kept an old coffee spill sticker quote and I pulled it out for this post. (It is also strange how it compliments my recent post on training.) Here is the quote:

"Train everyone lavishly, you can't overspend on training."

--Thomas Peters

Training is the first thing that gets cut when organizations need to scale back and trim the fat from their bottom line. But they are not trimming the fat, they are trimming good meat that can sustain the organization.

I believe you cannot spend enough to train the people in your organization. Training is one thing that you will always get dividends from. If you allow your people the skills and tools to be successful, you can't go wrong.

That is if you do these things too:

TRAIN PROPERLY - I do think you can pay for bad training. Make sure the training is useful and the training mode is connective to those taking the training.

SET EXPECTATIONS - What do you want to get out of the training? What do you want to learn from the training? Are those expectations real and pertinent?

MEASURE TRAINING - Is it working? Are people using the training daily, weekly, monthly? Do you see an increase of productivity?

ROLE PLAY - Practice the training to form good habits. Eventually the training will become natural instinct.

COACH - Training gets lost over time. It is good to positively reinforce the training and encourage those to use the training.

TRAIN MORE - Even though some people think they know it all, they can actually learn more.

Get out there and train your butt off, like it is the Olympics in your field, and you will succeed more!

-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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