July 27, 2013


I got to thinking about training the other night when I was watching the final race of  Le Tour De France.  190 guys on bikes, 21 days of intense cycling and at the end of it all only about 160 made it to the finish in Paris. It fathomed me to think what kind of training these guys do throughout the year for this race.

This is what made me think about training. They push themselves to the limits for the shot at a yellow jersey that, in the end, only one person wears. You have the sprinters training and competing at all out sprints at the end each flat stage while risking crashing for a chance to wear the green jersey. You have the climbers who compete for the King of the Mointain polka dot jersey. None the less, they train each day, every month, all year for something they believe in.

What are you doing daily to train in your work?

Are you training each day, every month, all year?

DAILY TRAINING: Work each day to learn a little more about different skills you can apply to your business. Customer service skills, personality differences, sales basics, advanced sales techniques, phone skills, communication skills. Are there any programs for your job you can learn that will help you be more proficient in your work?

DAILY COACHING: Is there a mentor at work, or outside of work, that can help you become better? Are there things you can learn from the top person in the office or at your work? If you are the top person, who can you help coach. Many times when you are coaching others you learn as much from them as they do from you.

DAILY ROLE PLAYING: Do you practice word skills, sales scenarios, role-play sales basics, with your boss or co-worker? Doing this keeps you on your game. If you sit back and wait for things to happen, you won’t be fresh or ready to perform.

MONTHLY: Do you track your progress? Are you constantly looking at your goals or forecasts to see if you are on track or not? Are you analyzing your performance to see the areas where you need to do a bit more training, or practicing to get better?

YEARLY: Do you go to seminars, take webinars, read books, analyze your goals for the year and set new ones?

If athletes can train daily, monthly, and yearly . . . why can’t you?

-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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