July 6, 2013



I asked this question to some sales people in a meeting the other day and got some good answers on the subject.

The first person said; “It means to SUCK-LESS!”

We all laughed, but he was being serious. When you think about it, he has a point. When you are successful, you do suck less. You are doing the right things. You are making the right choices, decisions, and actions to achieve your goal or purpose.

Here is what else we came up with:

NO FAILURE: When you are on a success streak—you are not afraid to fail. Your mind-set is strong, and you persist—no matter what. When you have the success mind-set you don’t accept failure.—it is not an option.

SMILE: When you have success—you tend to smile more. The feeling of success is great and it affects your emotions, body language, tonality, and your overall thoughts. You are excited and on cloud nine. Your thoughts are positive. This translates to a happy state and you go around with a big grin on your face.

WINNING: When you are successful you are winning more than you are losing. You are on a streak of fortune. I know that when I was selling and I was on a hot successful streak, my winning translated to other areas of my life.

NO STRESS: Success takes all the stress away. Really it doesn’t, but it feels that way. More than anything, we tend to take the pressure of striving and wanting to success off our shoulders. When you have success, fear, anxiety, stress seem to melt away.

PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. This goes with all the others above. When you are successful you tend to have a positive mental attitude. Your thought processes are different—you are more sharp and on the ball. You are able to handle objections, and overcome obstacles. The negative talk inside your head is buried by positive affirmations and internal high five’s. You feel so strong mentally, that nothing can stop you or break your spirit.

SELF MOTIVATED: When you have success you are more self-motivated. You are eager to continue the successful streak. You don’t need a manager or anyone telling you what you need to do, you just do it.

So, start small. Look at the small success you have in your day to day life. Build off that. Motivate yourself to gain more success. Form a positive mental attitude, smile and accept no failure. When you win more you will feel less stressed.

So, go out there and SUCK-LESS with SUCCESS!

-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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