June 15, 2013

People Make The Difference


If you work in any organization or business--are you a drone? If you Manage or lead an organization--do you have drones working for you?

Drones are people who just show up, do what is necessary (nothing more) and go home when it is time. They may not put in extra work or effort. They may be the ones complaining about everything and do not provide any real constructive input. They may be grumpy or short and curt with other employees and customers.

Real people are the ones that show up early, stay late, and come in when needed. They put extra work or extra effort. They exude an enthusiasm that seems to be endless. They mostly don't complain, if they do then it is usually a real concern and they almost always have a plan to help overcome that concern. They are generally happy and uplifting people and are pleasant to other employees and customers.

Real people are the ones you want to CLONE yourself after. They are the ones you want to CLONE in your organization.


In any organization or company you can only go so far with product quality. In fact there are many companies out there that have a good (not great) product, but have superior people working for them that provide excellent customer service.

People make the difference to any business. If you are thinking of a way to elevate your own performance. Or, if you are trying to achieve the next level of your company and workforce, then focus on the people.

What is it that makes you better than the next guy?

What is it that makes customers want to buy your product or service?

What is it that makes customers want to do business with you or your company?

It is the experience they have with you or the person they come into contact with that makes them decide the answers to those questions.

Here are the Things That You Can do to be the Difference:

ABOUT THE PEOPLE: Be a "Real Person." Don't be someone behind a desk. Don't be just a name on the other end of the phone. Don't be a drone. Get involved in your business and organization. Take pride in what you do and who you work for. If you have a real concern, don't just complain--give a constructive solution to the problem. Stop being phony.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: Be a product knowledge expert. Know the features and benefits to what you are "selling" to a customer. Articulate those features and benefits to your prospective client in a positive, enthusiastic, and organized manner. Know your competition; their pricing, incentives, pusses, minuses, and most of all how they operate and do business so you can explain how you differ.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: It is not about giving everything to the customer. There are several factors to good customer service. The first factor is; LISTENING. Listen to what your customer is saying and asking for. It does not mean you have to agree, or give it to them. Just listen to their want, need, or concern. The second factor is; TIMING. Do what you say you will do in a timely manner. If you are going to get back to them with a proposal in two hours--do it! The last factor is; WOW. Treat your customers special. Act as if they are the only person on the planet and they are important to you. Does this mean you have to drop everything--no. However, if you focus your whole attention for a moment on that customer, they will appreciate it and feel special.

FOLLOW UP: Good follow-up means having contact with your customer by phone, e-mail, or in person more than once a year. There are many sales people, company reps, customer service agents that call once a year just to "check in." Does this mean you have to call every week or every month to your whole client base? No. At least twice a year is good to keep your name in front of them and let them know you are still there to help them.

TRAINING: Do you have all the tools to be successful? If not, then you need to find the materials, take training courses, learn the techniques, and implement them into your work. Does your team have all the training materials they need to be top notch? If you are a manager you need to provide the materials, and proper training to your employees. You also need to make sure you have defined what steps or skills they need to use in their daily workings of your operation. Training and preparation makes it all come together in action. (There are many free courses and videos on the internet available to sharpen your skills.)

You can be the difference! If you are a manager or leader you can facilitate the difference with your employees! You make the difference happen!


-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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