May 24, 2013

Sales Is Mashed Potatoes

A mentor of mine used to say:

“A month’s worth of sales is like mashed potatoes. Every day you dig up potatoes; large potatoes, medium potatoes, and small potatoes. At the end of the month, you boil them up and mash them together, and what do you have?”

“A big pot of mashed potatoes!”

That saying has been around for many years. But it is prevalent today, just as it was in 2000 when I first heard it.


I understood what he meant. You have to take all the deals you can get. Despite the size of the gross—they all add up. It is about taking as many deals as you can get (big, medium, or small) because in the end, the more customers you make, the more customers you will be able to retain, and nurture for repeat business.

  • Sales = Potatoes
  • Deals = Potatoes
  • Transactions = Potatoes
  • Customers = Potatoes
  • Prospects = Potatoes
  • Clients = Potatoes
  • Your Product = Potatoes
  • Salesperson = Digger
  • Sales Manager = Digger
  • Employees = Diggers
  • Your Business = Farm
  • Problems = Warts
  • Challenges = Blight

If life is like a box of chocolates, then sales is like a pot of mashed potatoes. Enjoy this pocket guide filled with light anecdotes as it relates sales to mashed potatoes. Use this inspiring philosophy to help motivate yourself and keep focused on achieving success in selling. Whether you are selling cars, real estate, phones, pork and beans, or widgets this philosophy can work for you.


  • Potato Digging Tools
  • Don't Focus On One Potato
  • Don't Judge A Potato By Its Jacket!
  • No Potato Is The Same
  • A Small Potato Is Better Than No Potato
  • Potatoes Lead To Other Potatoes
  • Big Potatoes Get Brown Spots Too
  • A Potato Is Just A Potato
  • Keys To Getting More Potatoes
  • Neglected Potatoes Will Rot
  • Potatoes Remove Warts
  • Potato Blight And Other Factors
  • The One With The Most Potatoes Wins!
  • Don't Become A Lazy Digger

Go get your sack of potatoes and take all the sizes you can get!

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-- by Tim Northburg LifeWork Elements

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